Thursday, January 6, 2011

Preparing for Classes

This week I am preparing in earnest for the Spring term. I'll be teaching two classes at the University of the Incarnate Word: Website Design & Development, Basic & Website Design & Development, Advanced. I have taught the basic class twice before but this will be the first time for the Advanced class. I look forward to teaching both.

I enjoy teaching the Basic class because I enjoy seeing the students' creativity. Once they get the hang if coding they can be quite inventive. I am hoping the Advanced class is equally inventive as we will be taking on a real world client.

The syllabi for both classes were staight forward and simple to work up. Today I work. On lesson pkans. This is obviously a bit more time consuming. It is. Nit eniugh ti list the topics that will be covered but I need to make sure I can cover everything I need to teach in75 minutes.I keep thinking. That if I can correctly design each lesson, then the overall course will be better. I think. This is true.

Last year I attempted to present topics in the basic class in a slightly different order but I felt the change in order only muddled things a bit. So. I am going back to the original order and refining my lesson. Plans to ensure the clearest presentatiin pissible. Preparation is the key to good presentation--so true in many things besides teaching.

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