Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My newest electronic gadget is a NookColor. Yes, I had a Nook, so why did I need a NookColor. TRUTH? I didn't. But after seeing previews I knew I wanted one just because it was color. To my great delight, the NookColor is proving to be a very capable device.

I logged in to my home network (WiFi) and opened the browser. I have been exploring ever since. I was able to cruise on over and view the New York Times, ckeck my local newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News, check Facebook and my gmail. And I gaven't gotten out of bed Yet!

So, here I sit connected to the world. My NookColor has just become competitiin for my iPhone. I COULD DO ALL THE SAMD THINGS ON MY Iphone but now I can di them larger. If only my NookColor had an Angry Birds app......


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