Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

Watched the President's speech last night. I liked what he had to say. The Tea Party response is scary. They seem so angry and out of control. Republicans clearly do not have control over this group. Does anyone? Or are they a barely organized mob?

I hope our lawmakers take seriously the call to teach science and math, inspire creativity and raise academic standards. I teach as an adjunct and every day see university students who have few critical thinking skills and, perhaps worse, little curiosity. I have not found the way to teach these yet but strive to create an environment in the classroom where they can be nurtured. It is a daily challenge.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning html5

I am teaching two website design & developmdnt classes. The basic class is fairly predictable. Learn to write good clean html first. Then we'll move to css & basic design principles. The advanced class is different. I expected them to actualky remember what they learned in the basic class but they seemed to have done a brain dump. So while I introduce html5 elements, I am pushing them to develop their own sites. So far, so good. Most are pushing themselves hard but they are still making a lot of mistakes that one would expect at the basic level. I refuse to lower my expectations. In just a few weeks they will be working with a real client. They need to know and be confident. This group will not only meet but exceed my expectations.

Friday, January 7, 2011

CES Dreaming

Okay, who really dreams of CES? Confession time. I do.

I have always been an early adopter, at least as far as my budget would allow. CES allow for some serious vicarious consumption. Yeah, I want to go there. Maybe next year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Preparing for Classes

This week I am preparing in earnest for the Spring term. I'll be teaching two classes at the University of the Incarnate Word: Website Design & Development, Basic & Website Design & Development, Advanced. I have taught the basic class twice before but this will be the first time for the Advanced class. I look forward to teaching both.

I enjoy teaching the Basic class because I enjoy seeing the students' creativity. Once they get the hang if coding they can be quite inventive. I am hoping the Advanced class is equally inventive as we will be taking on a real world client.

The syllabi for both classes were staight forward and simple to work up. Today I work. On lesson pkans. This is obviously a bit more time consuming. It is. Nit eniugh ti list the topics that will be covered but I need to make sure I can cover everything I need to teach in75 minutes.I keep thinking. That if I can correctly design each lesson, then the overall course will be better. I think. This is true.

Last year I attempted to present topics in the basic class in a slightly different order but I felt the change in order only muddled things a bit. So. I am going back to the original order and refining my lesson. Plans to ensure the clearest presentatiin pissible. Preparation is the key to good presentation--so true in many things besides teaching.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slow News Day?

I check the NY Times. I check the San Antonio Express-News. It feels like I've read this stuff before. There are enough new stories that I can at least be sure that this Groundhog Day kind if feeling is not the result of cached web pages. Still, the news is dull enough that I wonder if it is because we are all on Overload? YEP. Maybe we just need a break this morning. Undoubtedly, there will be more later but for now, I think I'll just enjoy a quiet moment. Nice.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My newest electronic gadget is a NookColor. Yes, I had a Nook, so why did I need a NookColor. TRUTH? I didn't. But after seeing previews I knew I wanted one just because it was color. To my great delight, the NookColor is proving to be a very capable device.

I logged in to my home network (WiFi) and opened the browser. I have been exploring ever since. I was able to cruise on over and view the New York Times, ckeck my local newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News, check Facebook and my gmail. And I gaven't gotten out of bed Yet!

So, here I sit connected to the world. My NookColor has just become competitiin for my iPhone. I COULD DO ALL THE SAMD THINGS ON MY Iphone but now I can di them larger. If only my NookColor had an Angry Birds app......